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A market place for cyclemotors, mopeds, autocycles and parts

If you’ve anything connected with autocycles, cyclemotors or mopeds that you’d like to sell or buy, then why not place an advert here?  It’s free, so you’ve nothing to lose.  Adverts will automatically be removed after 120 days—or when you ask us, if you sell it before then.  New adverts—those placed in the last three or four days—are highlighted in pink.  If you’d like to place an advert here, please contact us.

This market place is meant for selling any ‘one off’ items you want to get rid of—if you have stocks of spares that you regularly sell, our Directory is the place to be listed.

Advertisers: please be aware that a number of advertisers in our Market section have received approaches from scammers.
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Le Vélosolex de mon père  Méneret & Goyard   £20 (mint)
Practical British Lghtweight 2 stroke Wilson £7.50
Motorised Bicycles  Tom Bartlett £7.50
Two-stroke Motor Cycles 1955 edition £7.50
Lightweight Motorcycles 1955 ex-library £7.50
The lightweight Motorcycle Handbook 1951 £7.50:  Sold
Autocycles and Cyclemotors 1953 £7.50:  Sold
2-stroke exhausts/2-stroke ports for power £5:  Sold

All plus P&P.  All are in good condition (Except the two paperbacks which could be described as well read!)
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e-mail: .

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