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November 2019

We’ve shut our forum down.  Yahoo Groups, where the forum was hosted, has been changed and, since the notifications of a new magazine were almost the only traffic on the forum, this seemed a good time to close it down.

If you’ve been relying on the forum notifications to tell you when a new magazine is published, fear not; we’ll be setting up a mailing list in time for the January issue of Iceni CAM Magazine.  Anyone who was signed-up to the forum and had opted to receive ‘Individual e-mails’ or a ‘Daily digest’ will automatically be put on the list, while forum members who’d opted out from getting the e-mails still won’t get any—that should keep us on the right side of GDPR

Autocycle auction

July 2019

There will be several autocycles up for sale at the National Motor Cycle Museum on July 30th:

Hi there,

I’m not sure of this is of interest but…

These are some of my late father’s auto-cycles which are being auctioned on July 30th at the National Motorcycle museum.

Rudge autocycle New Hudson autocycle Bown autocycle

There is a suggestion from the auctioneer that they will be bought for their number plates which will then be removed.  I’m hoping if I tell some guys like you about it then maybe someone will buy them who wants to ride them and love them as my dad did 50 years ago!

Dad restored some of them but that was 50-odd years ago.  For the last 40 years they have been dry-stored, engines drained, up on blocks and generally put comfortably to bed.

Lots 90–97 may be of interest.

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