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Radar Run 2008

Article by Paul Efreme

Pictures by Neil Morley and Andrew Pattle

Paul Nelmes's Radar Run, held on 13 April, was the first event staged by our newly resurrected EACC.  The run, starting from Bromeswell village hall, attracted a large turn out: 47 riders signed on, among them 15, as yet, non-EACC members.  Unlike some other clubs, these non-card carriers were not charged for entering.  This fact, in itself, is noteworthy.

The moped jumble carried on a brisk trade both before and after the run, with the usual stallholders in situ.  Dawn took charge of catering and participants were generous with their donations towards Paul's financial outlay.

Although the weather was chilly, the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a good saunter around.  It appears that everybody had an enjoyable day with one marked exception.

It seems that, with some minutes to go before the start, 'Laughing Boy' Pete Smith decided to go to the toilet.  I understand that when he came out "we had all buggered off!"  The hapless Mr Smith informed me that he tried in vain to follow the route, got lost and eventually found his way back to Bromeswell village hall (not a happy chappie!)

Some wit said that he is worse than David Evans with map-reading - high praise indeed.

This event obviously proved that with Andrew at the helm, the EACC has a secure future.

Starting from Bromeswell

Early arrivals looking for bargains Bikes start to gather outside The alfresco debating society The Honda section Victoria Vicky 117 Honda ST70 Dax Jumble in the hall To buy, or not to buy? TigerMan ready to relieve Ben of his cash Last minute maintenance How do we get out of the car park? Alex on his 'new' Norman Bev on the Autobyk Leaving the village hall Setting off on the ride There's always one who has to wave at the camera

A short break at Shingle Street

First arrivals at Shingle Street A few more arrive... ...then more... ...and even more... ...hoards of the things 'Outriders' A rest for the riders... ...and for the machines Excelsior! Daffodils, mopeds and a Martello tower Puch Grand Prix Men and machines scattered around Shingle Street Men and machines scattered around Shingle Street Men and machines scattered around Shingle Street

The lunch stop at Ramsholt

Through the gate to the pub Spring is sprung David on the Mocyc ... or is it a Motamite? The Vicky leads another group One of these bikes is Neil's Machines lined up by the shore Alex contemplates David's cyclemotor Compulsory Ramsholt photos, number two: the anchor Compulsory Ramsholt photos, number two: a boat Compulsory Ramsholt photos, number three: the pub That anchor again Starting the return journey Essex boy on a Moby Martin and Lindsay The Vicky leaves Kick-starting a Mercette VJMC The Dax sets off on the return journey

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