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Privately-generated transfers


Batavus decal


Batavus GoGo, Prius, Pronto, Batavette, HS50, Bronco, etc.  55mm decals for mag/clutch covers—£20 pair + postage.
Colours can be changed or customised if required.
Contact Neil at Walton Works Graphics
Tel: 01394-670704 or Mobile: 07411-978175


Bernardi Buzz labels


Bernardi Buzz tank stickers.  Set of two sent anywhere in the world for £2
Contact: Rod Fryatt,


Dunkley transfer

Whippet, S65, Popular & Major

Dunkley brand transfer
Each, £5 + £1 P&P
(20% larger than original)
Contact: Dunkley marque adviser.

Dunkley Popular transfer


Dunkley "Popular" scooter transfer (typically applied on side panels, 2 per machine)
Pair, £5 + 50p P&P
Contact: Hercules marque adviser.

Whippet & Major

'Major' transfers were applied the Dunkley Major scooter side panels.  These have not yet been re-generated to our knowledge.

Dunkley Whippet 60 models are also believed to have had a 'Whippet 60' transfer on the left side of the front mudguard.  Not available.

Dunkley Whippet Sports had special tank transfers 'Whippet Sports (with some other symbol)'.  Not available.


Corvette transfers

Corvette moped

Left & right hand tank sides + 2 side panel winged logos
Set of 4, £20 + 50p P&P
Contact: Hercules marque adviser.

Oil mix transfer

'Oil mix' tank transfer
Each, £2.50 + 50p P&P
Contact: Hercules marque adviser.

Her-cu-motor transfer

Her-cu-motor moped

Tank decals
Pair, £5 + 50p P&P.
Contact: Hercules marque adviser.


Mercury transfer

All models

Brand transfer 'Winged figure'
Each, £3.50p + 50p P&P
Notes - Fitted to Mercette rear mudguard, Grey Streak petrol tank (2 sides), Hermes front and rear mudguard, Dolphin sidepanels, Pippin unknown.
Contact Hercules marque adviser.

Mercette moped

Mercette transfers

Left hand & right hand 'Mercette' tank transfers & 2 × 'Mercury' chainguard transfers
Set of 4, £10 + 50p P&P
Contact: Hercules marque adviser.

Hermes transfers

Hermes scooter

1 × offside legshield (grey script) & 2 × side panel (green)
Set of 3, £12 + 50p P&P
Contact: Raleigh marque adviser.

Gold Hermes transfer

Hermes Special

Hermes (gold script)
Each, £5 + 50p P&P
Contact Hercules marque adviser.


Mosquito transfer

French version (Chapuis Frères)

Tank decals
Pair, €14

Contact: Jacques Bermingham
Tel: +33 (0)6 63 15 54 43


Raleigh transfers

A full range of Raleigh moped transfers is available from ‘billbo45’ of the Mobylette Forum.

See for details.


Stella transfer


Tank decals
Pair, £5 + £1 P&P

Contact: Tiernan Classics, The Old Railway Station, Station Road, Framlingham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP3 9EE.
Tel: 01728 724321

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