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New e-mail addresses

September 2018

The UKFSN mail server is getting increasingly unreliable so, from now on, our preferred e-mail addresses are:

Stolen bikes

March 2018

Two of John Hook’s mopeds have been stolen; these are both ‘specials’ and easily identifiable.  The first is a 1961 Mobylette Special based on an AV32 frame, YSK 288, finished in red, and powered by a Sachs 47cc, 3-speed, fan-cooled engine.

Mobylette–Sachs Special Mobylette–Sachs Special

The second is a 1964 Special based on a Runabout frame, CAU 624B, finished in dark green, and powered by a Sachs 2-speed engine.

Raleigh–Sachs Special

Both bikes are fitted with suspension forks and derailleur gears.  If you see or hear anything of these bikes, please contact John Hook on .

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